Why Emma?

European Quality

Superior build quality from our cutting-edge technology

Multi-Awarded Mattress

Tested and awarded by 8 European Consumer Associations as the winning mattress

100-Night Trial

A risk-free purchase you can literally sleep on, with a smooth return process

Zero Partner Disturbance

For an uninterrupted, restful, and energizing sleep

Ideal for All Types of Sleepers

A mattress that adjusts to you, regardless of how you sleep

Eco-friendly Top Foam

Made from eco-friendly and chemical-free materials
best europe's mattress

Europe's Most-Awarded Mattress - Finally in Canada!

Did you know that Emma has only been in the mattress market for 5 years, but has already won numerous awards from different European Consumer Associations? We are the most awarded mattress in France, U.K., Italy, and Germany, to name a few. Each Consumer Association subjects products to rigorous standards of testing, and our Emma Original Mattress passed with flying colors as the winning mattress and product of the year! This is made possible thanks to the number of hours our R&D team has put into developing and continuously improving our products. Be part of our community of 2 million happy sleepers. Emma Mattress is a brand you can definitely trust.

Shop our award-winning Emma Original Mattress now, and get free delivery to your doorstep anywhere in Canada.

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We developed the Emma mattress with you in mind.

emma research team

We developed the Emma mattress with you in mind.

Our internal Research and Development Team works tirelessly to help you get the best night's sleep. By using invaluable customer feedback and extensive research, they were able to create a mattress that isn't just comfortable. Emma mattresses are also supremely durable and suitable for nearly every body type.

Innovative vacuum technology

british made mattress

Innovative vacuum technology

The Emma mattresses are cleverly packaged in an easy-to-move cardboard box. We use a special vacuuming process to gently compress and roll your mattress, so even the largest mattress can fit inside. This space-saving method isn't just kinder to the environment, taking up less space on our delivery trucks and allowing us to transport more in one go, but it also means we're able to get the mattresses to you much quicker.

Best Quality, Best Price

Best Quality, Best Price

Our mattresses are made of only the best quality foam at prices you won't lose sleep over. We work with partner suppliers who have been in the mattress business for years and who also share our vision of improving your night's sleep with only the highest quality materials and innovation.

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